Jon has been writing for almost 50 years. That’s to say, when he was about 2, he learned to spell his challenging name. From that point on, there was no stopping him. Jon wrote with every medium he could find (chalk, crayon, fingers in dirt, nose nuggets…every medium) and on whatever surface was available (walls, window frost, snow [where he developed his best cursive writing skills]). He is known for such notable tomes as: “Do you like me, yes [] or no [],” “My name is Jon,” and “For a good time, call Christine NUMBER REDACTED” (sorry Christine; it was a different time).

Jon’s best writing success came from a 2008 autism support booklet entitled Same Child, Different Day: One family’s experiences during the first year after a child’s autism diagnosis. That work found a moderate world-wide audience, with readers in South Africa, New Zealand, Turkey, Canada, and of course, the US. He parlayed that success with more autism-related works, including writing news articles for local autism support and awareness groups.

Jon is currently working on a novel entitled Until Proven. The subject matter of this novel is controversial, and the vantage point is likely to make many readers uncomfortable and angry. It is written in a Narrative Nonfiction style and is a story-like retelling of actual events. It is presented in a manner that reflects the Salem Witch Trials of colonial New England, but the situation and topic are quite contemporary.

Jon is also writing the second act of a murder mystery stage script entitled What Cricket Knows. SYNOPSIS: Jeremiah Hopper is a single dad to quiet 5 year old Cricket. While she speaks very little, Cricket sees and hears everything, including a terrible fight between her dad and her biological mom. When Jeremiah is murdered, everyone in Cricket’s life has motive, and no one realizes that only Cricket knows the truth.

The first act of What Cricket Knows has been reviewed by a professional director/actor and member of the Actor’s Equity Association and Vermont’s Weston Playhouse. Her comments: “The comedy is great;” “Lots of suspense and high stakes;” & “WOW! Love it!”

Jon lives in New England with his wife and two of his seven fantastic children. He’s an accomplished cook and even washes and folds laundry (Nifty fact: he owns a washer and dryer previously owned by Wade Boggs). He also enjoys spending time as a tractor trailer driver, if you can believe that, and he is surprisingly fluent in Spanish.