Yet Another Blog: Bringing it all together


It’s a pleasant 70 degrees out today, no humidity and just some light, fluffy clouds. It’s a great day for some spring cleaning. But, since we already tackled that a couple weeks ago (and had a profitable yard sale to show for it), I figured I’ll do some purging here.

I’ve managed numerous blogs for one reason or another. There was Peanut Butter and Mustard, my blog of thoughts and nonsense. That, along with family circumstances, led to Same Child, Different Day, a blog that centered around an autism support booklet I wrote of the same name.

After that came a more family-centered autism blog, Our Journey, Our Way, but more about our experiences and how we tackle life with this unique diagnosis. I then jumped into Prompts and Circumstances, a blog that centered on my writing experiences, but also includes some satire, a few op/ed pages and a lot of info about writing projects, including Until Proven, a social equity memoir dealing with a very personal and controversial matter.

None of these, though, focus on promotion of my writing. Sure, they’re great places to go for samples, but they don’t deal with the Marketing of Me. This site hopes to serve that purpose, and the goals will change according to the project.

The primary goal at the outset of this site will be for the attention and promotion of What Cricket Knows, a murder-mystery stage play with strong influences from Agatha Christie, one of my favorite writers. I’ve included a link in the ribbon above to an excerpt of the production for your enjoyment and review.

I think the story behind What Cricket Knows is interesting: My wife Lori was attending an acting class at Castleton University, and one requirement was for the class to write a scene from a totally non-existent play. Since I have a smidgen of acting experience, Lori asked me to help her pen the scene. In short, it was well received and the instructor casually commented that she would love to see the play that the scene came from.

That comment gave life to What Cricket Knows. I hope you like what you see.